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Looking for inspiration, about 3 months back I inquired amongst 'friends' and family at Facebook what books should be added to my "to read" list and I was both surprised and thrilled with the number of immediate and emphatic responses I received. I love books! I love writing. I love reading.

I immediately broke the suggestions into two parts and am now just finishing up reading the second half of those.


At this point I believe I might be a bit scarred by the whole experience.

All of the suggestions intrigued me either because of the recommendee or the general synopsis of the book itself (or both!), but I have to tell you that other than a couple of cursory 'decent' reads, I just didn't seem to find humor in the same things that cracked others up, didn't find intrigue in yet another's 'favorite book of all time', was bored to death reading most of the others. One of them I misplaced in the car on a weekend roadtrip and totally forgot to look for it for two weeks, then just didn't bother.

What the hell?!

It seems I'm just basically working for the weekend these days, but at least the weekend upcoming is a long one. I'll drink to that!

Last weekend was good, but seemed short as hell because we went out of town overnight on Saturday and didn't get home til late afternoon on Sunday. A good time was had, but the traveling somehow made it seem like less of a weekend than usual if that makes any sense. At least we got to help ring in my friend Mike's ("Mogroith" of MOG/Multi/Twitter fame) 50th bday at a really splendid dinner celebration at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa. Good times!

We also got to catch Inglourious Basterds at the Tampa Fun-Lan Drive-in movie theater on Saturday night. WOO! Jory's first drive-in movie ever.

Now I'm just trying to get through the rest of this work-week so I can lay low at home most of this coming weekend. I'm feeling an overwhelming need to re-Zen or something.

Saturday *is* the opening game of the 2009-10 Gator football season so THAT is definitely exciting. May do some tailgating on Saturday, but other than that I'm going to try to make a point of doing as little else as possible. In fact, I'm going to see if I can make ART out of doing exactly that and nothing more.