Dear Diary,

Over the past week, I've gobbled down multiples of every pretty little pill/lozenge you see pictured above and... I am SO over it.

I caught a nasty cold flying to/from New Orleans for Carnival that developed into my first-ever case of bronchitis. I was wheezing so profoundly that it put my dogs on red alert. They thought some scary creature was in our bed whistling and whining each time I tried to breathe, and they were right! It was ME! And tried as I might to cough and clear my throat and make it go away, each night turned into a circus of wheezing and barking and general sleeplessness that was absolutely ridiculous!

As a result, I had to postpone my uterine fibroid embolization, which cut short the time I could take off recovering, screwed up the work call schedule, and caused me to stress about every little thing even more than I already was! Boo!

Now I've passed the wheeze baton to my husband who's sick as hell and is now in charge of keeping the dogs on their toes, and in the meantime, I had my delayed procedure and overnight hospital stay on Monday. All went well and the 'aftermath' was as expected, which has been NO fun at all.

Pain, pain and more pain, a little nausea, some constipation, a sprinkling of sleeplessness, a lingering cough. YeeHAW!

I am SO thrilled that today I woke up feeling like a new woman with a FUTURE beyond all these stupid little pills and their individual promises! I mean, don't get me wrong, you'll never see me turning down the right pill here and there for recreational purposes, but when you're having to take a pain pill because you're actually in pain? Well that's no fun!

Gonna take it super extremely easy throughout the rest of the weekend to cement things, but I'm suddenly sporting an optimism I haven't felt in weeks. WOO!

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    Claus said...

    Pills? Doc gave me some when I had an inflammated larynx and couldn't sell memberships. Didn't take them, after three days I was well again. Tea, coffee and 'baccer, that my game, Ma'm ;)

    Nice shot, tho!

  1. ... on March 1, 2009 at 6:48 AM