Heading to St. Pete tomorrow for Mike Dixon's 50th Birthday. How fitting that it should be at Skipper's, which is where I first met Mike a couple of years ago at a Cracker concert. :) We've since attended several other concerts together.. but it's been a while since we last saw each other. I'm looking forward to the festivities. (and some beer-boiled scrimps!!)

We're planning our route to also incorporate some geocaching and.... I'm thinking about hitting the Dali Museum again just because I love it so much. We'll see how things pan out. Too bad we're not there tonight. The Museum is hosting "S'Real Friday Happy Hour" every week this summer where you can view the summer exhibits, hear live jazz, eat complimentary munchies, and purchase hand-rolled cigars. And oh yeah, there's a cash bar. Sounds like my kind of outing. :)

But a hands-down definite for Saturday night after Mike's shindig.... The Tampa Fun-Lan Drive-In Movie Theater!! Rawr!! Inglorious Basterds followed by Peter Jackson's District 9.

Awww yeah.

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