We shared a house with some friends and went scalloping last weekend at Steinhatchee, FL. It was tres fab! I loved the little drive over to the coast, the place we stayed, the day on the boat, and the evening's meal of "Scallops Diablo". It's great to get away for a day or two like that with friends when you can. It really helps to "re-rack" one's general outlook. It sure did mine anyway!

I took a lot of really killer photos if you want to check them out @ my Flickr page.

And, of course, we geocached on the drive home. :p Yes, I know. The geocaching is getting entirely out of control. haha! But we love it!

So anyway... to TOTALLY change the subject...

I've been thinking a whole lot lately about the state of online social expression. It seems (for me) it's becoming more and more fractured. Several years ago I blogged at LiveJournal. I spent about 5 years there and really enjoyed it. Then I discovered Mog and subsequently Multiply. I loved the interface at Multiply so much (and still do) that I left LiveJournal behind and started blogging exclusively at Multiply. A lot of the interaction at Multiply was music-related for me, so I created a Blogger account for strict blogging. Then I signed up at lastfm for more music, and now I have Facebook and Twitter accounts too. I also joined some photography groups at Flickr and there's a lot of interaction there. Oh, and I created an account at FriendFeed also, to check it out except I keep forgetting to go to it to look around.

Where does it all end?! Obviously I'm stretched so thinly at this point that I can't keep up thoroughly ANYwhere and a lot of my friends are in similar situations. I've noticed that many of them have started sync'ing their posts across platforms so that what they post at Twitter also shows up on Facebook or what they post on Blogger shows up on Multiply and they post a link to the same material on Facebook, etc., etc. I've never been a fan of that because if you're following that person in multiple places it sure gets old seeing the same thing posted 14x at various locations. I actually make an effort to try to keep my content DIFFERENT at each site, but I'm beginning to wonder why. I mean... it's got to be a fairly small percentage of people who follow me at multiple sites... so what difference does it really make?

I know the obvious solution here seems to be to pick one platform and stick to it, however, the problem with that is that I have different clusters of friends/family using several different sites and I would really like to keep in touch with them all.

This is driving me batty! How do YOU do it?

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    Katrina said...

    Well, Keith and I were just discussing this last night. I don't manage the various platforms well either. I want to stay in touch with everyone so I have also spread myself too thin. I am very fond of Twitter & Facebook now and have pretty much stopped going to Multiply. The people who commented on my things at Multiply are also now on Twitter and/or Facebook, so it seemed like the obvious choice. Still, I like the interface of Multiply...it was just easier to eliminate that one because so few of my friends were active there.

  1. ... on August 4, 2009 at 11:25 AM  
  2. rhondapalooza said...

    Yeah, I know what you're saying. In spite of loving Multiply's interface, I'm leaning towards full-timing it at Blogger for the same reasons you mentioned. And it's not like there's anything I CAN'T do here.

  3. ... on August 4, 2009 at 12:13 PM  
  4. robp said...

    Hi, my name is Rob and I was a Multiholic. It not being an actual physical addiction I think it's safe to use past tense. Did have to quit cold turkey, though.

    So now I blog a little here and sene the occasional one-liner on Twitter and I'm getting things done. And I've still got the email addresses of most of my fave people everywhere I've been (I still look at Mog posts too, although my account could not be accurately described as active).

    I'd be more comfortable with Twitter, though, if they changed the term 'following' to 'stalking.'

  5. ... on August 4, 2009 at 2:23 PM  
  6. rhondapalooza said...

    I love Twitter. Of the people I know, Twitter is a love or hate situation. I haven't encountered anyone on the middle ground yet.

    Amanda Palmer's feed is the most entertaining thing I've encountered online in a long time.

  7. ... on August 4, 2009 at 2:35 PM