RHO FACTOID: I love music and know the words to just about everything and I love to sing along and annoy everyone around me.

RELATED ANECDOTE: Today on the way home from work and from picking Jory up from school, he was belting out the lyrics to one of the songs off of Audioslave's new album. He named the band as soon as they came on the radio and back-seat danced to the music. The next song was Godsmack and he named that band right off too. Go Jory! He appears to be getting quite adept at distinguishing who is who! The best part for me is seeing him so totally enjoy music. He may not know all the words or all the RIGHT words (which is the most entertaining part of it all), but that doesn't slow him down any. He lets loose from the backseat of our car with a vocal freedom I don't think I've ever known... and from a Mom who made a point of playing all different kinds of music to her growing belly all through her pregnancy in hopes of inspiring her child to love music just as much as she does... well.. i'm pleased! I think it just might have worked!

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