Holy shit! I don't post in my journal for four days but all of YOU people surely did! It's gonna take me four more days just to catch up on all of your posts, do your little quizzes, go trick or treating... and THEN I'll be four MORE days behind!! But hey, doesn't sound like I'll be bored any time soon, does it?

Survived Jory's 8th birthday. :) Pics for those interested!

Finally saw Kill Bill last Wednesday. I need to see it again. I loved the Uma/Lucy fight scene in the snow. BEEYOOTIFUL! Big fat snowflakage! And Gogo! MmmmrrrrrOW! Gotta love Gogo's knee socks (and about a million other things about that hot little chickie)!

Flipped the page in an Entertainment Weekly magazine yesterday (I always read magazines during my lunch break at work) and happened on THIS and just HAD to scan it to share with the world. [It's Renee Zellweger for the hopelessly "babe-challenged"]

"I'll buy that for a dollar!" hehe

(a gold star to whomever can place that movie quote without cheating!)

Guess I better get my ass to reading the four days of happenings I missed out on from all of you.


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