Another Monday... already?! The world seriously needs to get the whole "work week" thing swapped around. We should work on Saturdays/Sundays and have Monday - Friday off. Works for me!

So... what's on my plate this week? Well my boss is on vacation so that's one good thing! Tomorrow afternoon I have a parent/teacher conference with Jory's 2nd grade teacher. Those are always interesting. He's being IQ tested to evaluate him for his school's gifted program. I should hear from them in a couple of weeks for an appointment to go in and go over the results from that. I imagine that will prove pretty interesting as well. There's nothing trippier than having offspring, that's for certain. :P

Thursday I'm taking the day off. Shopping... hair appointment... Basically all things girly. Wheeeeee!

Jory's 8th birthday (holy shit!) is this Sunday, but he's having a couple of friends over at his dad's house on Saturday in celebration. The whole pizza party/video game fest thing that truly geeky children covet... Hopefully he doesn't get in any shouting matches with his guests over the "right" way to play Halo. ;)

It's almost Halloween! I dont really have any plans this year. I wanted to go to the New Orleans Voodoofest, but we're taking off work to go up to Georgia for the changing of the leaves the week after that and I have Jory over Halloween weekend this year, so... I'll probably just go around with him on that Friday night and lay low most of the rest of the weekend. At least the weather here is finally cooling off. It's actually bearable! And puts me in SO much better of a mood.

I hate Florida humidity...

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