Ahhhhhhh! Where'd my weekend go? Seems like it was just Friday and then... I blinked... and I'm back at work again. WTF? ;)

First I must report that I'm a shitty Gator fan for totally writing them off against LSU. They actually (to my pleasant surprise) pulled off a win this weekend. They looked like a completely different team from the one that played last week. Talk about inconsistency!

Saturday night I stayed up so late playing Everquest with Carl, gruvdragonNolan, phyreegnomeLeanne and Danny that I was nodding off at the freakin' keyboard! Good god!

Sunday, Mike and I drove to meet my sister and her husband halfway between our towns so we could have a couple of drinks and shoot the shit. It was a nice visit. I <3 my sister and just don't get to see her often enough. Three hours is TOO FAR!

Carl and I have really been burning up the wires sending music back and forth to each other recently. I've been having a lot of fun with that. We cue up the same mix in winamp and listen to it together, making comments here and there as we are each doing other stuff on the computer. It all started with Nolan's last set broadcast on pulseradio.net (which, by the way... he's spinning again this coming Saturday on pulseradio. Sometime between 5 and 8pm. Not sure who else is spinning with him or who will go first.) I'm sure Carl, phyreegnomeLeanne and I will be tuning in again! Maybe green23David too!

Speaking of David... He rocks!! I looooooooooooooooooooooove making new friends. Thank you Carl for introducing us!! :)

On a really concerned note... I'm worried about Keith. :/ He's going through some very difficult times right now with his family and he and I have hardly spoken at all this past week. I hate not being able to "be there". It really sucks. Hopefully now that Mark's back in Mississippi he's taking good care of him. Keith really needs a good friend and some serious distractions right about now. Keith... if you read this... *greatbigbearhugs!* I miss you so much.

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