I know you want what's on my mind
I know you like what's on my mind
I know it eats you up inside
I know, you know, you know, you know

I'm awfully hyper for only getting four hours of sleep last night. I imagine when I finally do bottom out it's not gonna be pretty!

Stumbled on Find Your Spot today and took a quiz to find my own best place to live. Pretty neat. Here's the first page of recommendations for me:

Bellingham, Washington The Victorian Seaport
The annual Ski to Sea challenge held in this breathtaking port city includes snow skiing, running, biking, and kayaking
Population: 61,000 | Average Home Price: $169,000 | Precipitation: 36" | Snow: 7"

Olympia, Washington The Evergreen Capital
Set on a magnificent peninsula in the South Puget Sound, this spot was originally called "black bear place" before being renamed after nearby mountains
Population: 207,300 | Average Home Price: $169,000 | Precipitation: 51" | Snow: 10"

Provo-Orem, Utah Living and Learning at their Best
These twin cities in central Utah are home to some of the world's top collections of dinosaur bones
Population: 190,000 | Average Home Price: $175,000 | Precipitation: 12" | Snow: 30"

Ogden, Utah Where Utah Comes Together
This scenic "Crossroads of the West" is set between Utah's Great Salt Lake and the magnificent Wasatch Mountains
Population: 77,000 | Average Home Price: $127,500 | Precipitation: 17" | Snow: 63"

Cincinnati, Ohio The Queen City
This big Ohio city with the small-town feel is home to baseball's first professional team: the Reds started in 1869
Population: 1,650,000 | Average Home Price: $150,000 | Precipitation: 39" | Snow: 19"

Hickory, North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountain Home
This area in North Carolina is known as the nation's furniture manufacturing capital
Population: 342,000 | Average Home Price: $143,000 | Precipitation: 41" | Snow: 9"

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