Morning smiles like a newborn child... innocent, unknowing.

Thank the goddess it's Friday!! WOOT!

*does the happy Friday dance* <--- reminds me of how Jory and I used to actually dance a happy Friday jig on Friday mornings when I would drop him off for preschool. hehe. Other parents would show up to drop their children off and here's me and Jory dancing around the play yard. haha! I love being a mom! And it's so ironic that my pregnancy, unexpected as it was at the time, was probably one of the most harrowing and uncertain times of my entire life, historically. Funny how things work out in the end, isn't it? I was pressed to make several major life decisions at that time (decisions that would affect not only my life but the lives of several others) and I tell ya... every time I hear my child's laughter, see him acting goofy, hear him singing his favorite song... have to ground him for lying to me (heh)... watch him riding his bike or reading a book or trying to figure out one of the answers on his math homework, I feel reinforced in every single decision I made back then and I know they were the right ones. Hallelujah!

If I do nothing else right for the rest of my life... at least I've got that!

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