So I have a high school class reunion coming up this Fall and for the last couple of months there's been this flurry of classmate rekindling online. It's been.. *interesting*. :-)

Like for instance..

We're all being prompted to create a profile at a specific reunion website, and as I was reviewing classmates' profiles earlier I noticed a disturbing trend in the naming of people's children. Keep in mind that only about 33 classmates had filled in their profile information at the time I am making this post. Of those 33, about 25 reported having children, and 12 people responded with the following as their childrens' names:

Kaylea, Kiley, Kelsea, Kinsley
Connor, Caroline
Coral, Colby
Cory, Courtney, Colin
Holden, Hunter, Harlie, Hayden
Cullen, Cadence
Haylee, Hayden
Hailey, Hunter
Robert, Randy
Hayden, Hannah, Holten
Corey, Courtnye
Haley, Haiden, Kole

Is it just me, or.. ??


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    TooDrunkToDream said...

    I think you just stumbled upon a glitch in the matrix! ;)

  1. ... on January 25, 2009 at 8:33 AM  
  2. robp said...

    hey rho, noticed this when you posted it, it was just too weird to respond to. started reading back some of the list to my 10 year old, and he got this look on his face like i was fucking with him. um, and yes, messing with children's heads is part of what i do with here, but neither of my sons is on the list nor would they qualify.

    btw, did i ever mention that my wife started a game store and i am now the only member of the family who is not addicted to WOW? maybe you should come out here and replace me. but only if you're good with paperwork, that's the part of the store i deal with.

  3. ... on February 25, 2009 at 12:58 AM  
  4. rhondapalooza said...

    Nooo you didn't mention that! That's awesome. I think I would enjoy running that type of shop myself. Wanna swap locales for a month and see how it goes? I'm sure your wife and I would get along smashingly! And your family and I could play WoW together every evening. Think of the raiding we could do! ;)

  5. ... on February 28, 2009 at 1:54 PM