Uhmmmm... I'm back! The trip was a lot of fun, though somehow more stressful than it should've been (or than I expected it to be). Hence... I think I could use a few more days' vacation time to recover from my vacation. But isn't that always how it goes? haha!

Recovering from my absence today at work was not so bad. Yesterday was a U.S. holiday and last Friday was UF's homecoming, so most UF offices were closed. That really only left me "missing" Monday...and apparently not too much went down at the workplace on Monday, so... I was happy when I arrived at my workstation this morning to find it uncluttered with "must be done immediately" notes and messages and memos. Yeefuckinghaw! Things will really be picking up there in about a week, though, and I'll be pining for these recent days of nothingness (that I bitch about now for lack of anything else to really do!) But.. then it will be Thanksgiving week and I'm taking the Wednesday before off... so that will be a nice little out-and-about to split up the oppressive blah-ness which work always seems to create in so short a time spent there. :P

This Saturday I'm throwing a baby shower for a girlfriend from work. Her baby is due December 8th and is a little girl she plans to name Hannah. I just adore that name. How preciousssssssssssssssss!!! I came up with the idea (by stealing it from some sites on baby showers that I read on the Internet! haha!) to have all of the guests bring items to contribute to a Time Capsule for the baby. I thought it might be fun to make a cd of Billboard's current Top 10 singles and maybe tape a few shows like an epi of "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central as well as an actual news broadcast and maybe something like "Friends" or "Survivor". Think the poor girl will be able to find a VHS player to play the thing on in 15 or 20 years when she opens up the capsule? LOL. If any of you out there have fun and interesting ideas on other possible items to include in the capsule (that are easy and feasible) let's hear 'em! I was going to toss in a current Publix sales flyer that will show current prices of food items and thought maybe I'd donate a "Time" and "Rolling Stone" magazine. Any other ideas?

Saturday the Gators play South Carolina... our last SEC game of the season. I'll be there (in my living room in front of the tube, at least) with bells on. I've got mixed feelings about the team this year, but they've surprised me these past few games. Go Gators! Beat those Cocks! Err... Gamecocks, that is. What the hell IS a gamecock anyway?! Let's consult Merriam-Web!

Main Entry: game·cock
Pronunciation: 'gAm-"käk
Function: noun
Date: 1677
: a rooster of the domestic chicken trained for fighting

Hrmmm! Seems like a Gator oughta be able to down a Gamecock in one swallow. What do YOU think? Tune in Saturday to find out.

I have a lot more to say but I'm outta the mood now so I suppose it will be forthcoming in future editions of this very same Live Journal.

Until then....

Peace Out!

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