Dreams!! OMG! AGAIN.... total weirdness going on in my subconscious last night. This dream SEEMED like it musta lasted all night long, though in reality it was probably only 5 minutes of real time. haha! Funky how that is.

This time it was a HUGE party at my sister and her husband's for his 50th birthday (he *did* just turn 50, so that part was right, but they live in a tiny 500 sq. ft. condo on the beach and in this dream they had a huge-ass country home with a barn out back and the party took up the whole house, the yard, the barn... rofl.. there musta been 300 people there).

I'll spare you *all* the details (there are *lots* of them!), but one of the weirder points was the fact that I ran into "Sofie" (from the HBO series Carnivale) at this party. ROFL. She was drunk off her ass and NOT a very happy person. She was wigging over her mother because of the recent events in the show where **SPOILER ALERT** she thinks that her mother is going crazy and has only recently been unable to hide certain 'thoughts/images' from Sofie (the mother is catatonic but somehow speaks to Sofie telepathically... rofl.. yeah, i know.. weird!) and Sofie has just recently discovered that although her mother has 'told' her all along that her father up and left them years ago... what REALLY happened was he was just some fuckwad who raped Sofie's mother and that's how Sofie came to be. Sofie had a whole visual of the rape scene projected to her from her mother (unintentionally... she's been hiding the truth from Sofie all these years, after all) and it totally freaked her out... (understandably so!)

And... this party in my dream is basically a couple of days after that happened to her. ROFL! So Sofie's drunk off her ass and BEYOND distraught... and *I* bump into her, of course, and recognize her (though I only know her from the show... rofl... which obviously is fictitious, but there's a whole blend of fact/fiction going on) and start talking to her and it turns into this whole ordeal where I feel so much empathy and pain for her and what she's going through.


Okay... enough of that. I *have* to get some work done. haha.


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