Stolen from . Thank you for giving me something OTHER than work to do for the last half hour of this work day. Bless you woman!

Name Four Bad Habits You Have:
1. talking too much
2. biting my fingernails
3. procrastinating
4. taking silly quizzes

Name Four Things That You Wish You Had:
1. a houseboy
2. a waspish waistline
3. copious amounts of spare cash
4. a work-at-home job

Name Four Scents You Love:
1. fresh pine
2. my weenie dog
3. nag champa
4. rain

Name Four Things You'd Never Wear:
1. suspenders
2. leopard-print ANYthing
3. a banana clip
4. panties

Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now:
1. that coming up with answers for this quiz is turning out to be way harder than it should be for something meant as an idle passing of my time :p
2. all the things I have to get done in the next couple days/weeks and trying to keep it all straight in my head
3. that i'd rather be home finishing the new Sandman book
4. that needing to run 2 hrs+ of errands before going home after a 9-hour workday really fucking sucks

Name Four Things That You Have Done Today:
1. listened to Android Lust's "The Dividing" album.. again.
2. started writing out umpteen lists to keep all my shit straight :p (now I need a master list to keep track of all my lists)
3. met with some high schoolers who will be dual enrolling at UF in the Spring
4. a LOT of friggin' typing :p

Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought:
1. cold medicine
2. The Ultimate Book of Kids Concoctions
3. The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Melancholy Stories by Tim Burton
4. a paper airplane making kit with colored paper, stickers and a book of different kinds of planes to make

Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink:
1. coffee (with cinnamon/vanilla OR hazlenut creamer)
2. water
3. Ciclon (rum/vodka mixed liquor)
4. Cherry Coke

Last Song You Sang?
"The Hardest Button to Button" - White Stripes

Last Person You Hugged?
my little boy

Last Thing You Laughed At?
Jory last night when he made a whip sound effect when I glared at Mike and told him NOT to be telling Jory it was okay to feed food he didn't want from his dinner to the dog :p

Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And Meant It?
Half an hour ago.

Last Time You Cried?
(actually... got a bit teary eyed during Sean Penn's performance in Mystic River at the movie theater a couple of weeks ago too, if that counts)

What's In Your CD Player?
at home: Tori Amos "Tales of a Librarian"; at work: Godsmack "Faceless"

What Color Socks Are You Wearing?

What's Under Your Bed?
no clue

What Time Did You Wake Up Today?
too early (7am)

Current Taste?
taste? wtf kinda question is that?! I always have good taste... currently and... otherwise. :p

Current Hair?
blonde, dark blonde, dark brown and red. rather streakish. much <3 for my hairdresser!

Current Clothes?
blue jeans, long-sleeved, cotton, navy blue shirt, loafers

Current Annoyance?
too many things going on all at once for me to feel like i'm keeping up with ANY of it

Current Longing?
to be relaxing in the sun on a floaty in warm shallow water next to a grass hut in Bora Bora while gripping some fruity alcoholic concoction with umbrella adornment in EACH of my hands -- a lazy, content smile playing upon my lips -- the waves lapping idlely in the background -- my favorite person lounging contentedly right beside me

Current Desktop Picture?
at home: a photo I took of a field of wildflowers on some friends' property
at work: a photo Nolan took at Westminster Abbey in London a couple of weeks ago

Current Worry?
Why does Bobby McFerrin immediately come to mind?

Current Hate?
As much as I seem to be bitching about shit lately, I really hate to focus on the negative

Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite Sex?

Last CD You Bought?
Tori Amos - Tales of a Librarian

Favorite Place To Be?
whereever I am at the time!

Least Favorite Place?

If You Could Play An Instrument?
well I *do* play the sax and the flute, but if I could play anything else, it would definitely be guitar.

Favorite Color?
dark green

Current Favorite Word/Saying?
fah from this op-er-uh forevuh mo!

Favorite Season?

One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To:
best friend from high school

Favorite Day?
i dunno. i take them as they come, on an individual basis. trying to lump all wednesdays or all fridays together in general doesn't work for me.

Where Would You Like To Go?
to Wichita?
off the rail on a crazy train?
to hell in a hand basket?
(maybe just refer to the "current longing" response above)

What Is Your Career Going To Be Like?
you make it sound as if I don't yet have one.
hmm... I guess I am a 30-something who is somehow hooked on taking little teeny-bopper quizzes. go figure.

How Many Kids Do You Want?
1 is incredible, but 2 would be groovy. 3? Overkill.

Favorite Car?

A Random Lyric:
What kind of cartwheels do I have to pull?
What kind of joke should I lay on her now?
Im inclined to go finish high school
Just to make her notice that Im around

-- "I Want to Be The Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart" - the White Stripes

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