Work's been a bitch the past few days. Busy as hell. Mind-numbing.

Trying to finish xmas shopping for our family xmas on Dec 12th. I'm *not* finished and other than tonight/tomorrow night, I won't get another chance to do anything further until next WEEK sometime and then that's only one week away from the actual gathering. Jeezus, I *really* need to hire a houseboy to take care of all these little errands for me.

Trying to input all this damned data for this project at work by its deadline. Oh wait. That deadline was Friday, wasn't it? Yeah. It was. And to that I say, "DEATH TO ALL PEOPLE WHO HAVE EVER SUBMITTED SOMETHING ON THE LAST POSSIBLE DATE OF THE DEADLINE WHEN THEY'VE KNOWN FOR MONTHS IN FUCKING ADVANCE THAT IT WAS DUE ON THAT DAY!!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!" Okay... hrm. I wonder why I don't feel better now? :P

Trying to keep track of what I'm helping my mom with as far as our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and what I need to get at the store to get ready for the campout which follows the Tgiving dinner.

Trying to keep track of the shit I need to pack up from around the house and the chores (like laundry) that I need to get done before we go.

Trying to help my mom and my sister with ideas for Christmas presents for other people in our family when I don't even know what I'm getting them yet.


I usually love Christmas time and have always enjoyed buying gifts for friends/family, no matter the time of year, but this year is ON MY NERVES.

Okay.. I'm sounding pretty damned bitchy. I need to chill and relax and try to get some enjoyment out of all of this or else I might just blow a gasket. I think once I actually get OUT of the workplace and AWAY from this crapass environment and am actually kicking back at mom and dad's (wed/thurs) and then out camping with my sister and the oodles of friends who will be out there on the Peace River (thurs/fri/sat/sun), I've GOT to chill at least a LITTLE, right?! We'll be camping on the PEACE River for heaven's sake.

Deep breaths, Rhonda! Focus! <---- feeling like Eddy on Ab/Fab. I need Patsy to show up with a case of champagne and a jeweled make-up bag full of assorted pharmaceuticals.

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