was talking about some of his dreams in one of his recent LJ entries and that got me to thinking (again!) about the round of dreams I had last night. HOO BOY! I know everyone dreams, but I typically never seem to remember mine.. or only very rarely anyways.

Well, Mike's been homebrewing his own beer for about a year or so now (and even rootbeer with Jory! haha) and so he made this mesh bag full of hops to hang from the headboard of our bed. Hops are supposed to make dreams more vivid (and who knows what else they do to ya!) and since he hung it there a little over a week ago, I'm suddenly remembering my dreams at least 5 nights a week when I used to recall what I dreamt only like once every few months. Funkay!

So last night I remember a whole slew of things from my personal little dream world... Dreams are SO cool, too, and I always feel a little jealous when friends or coworkers recount these crazy dreams they've had and I hardly ever seem to remember mine. Now I'm starting to remember them! Yippee!

[A little aside here though... The rare dreams I do remember having from the past, were *often* lucid dreams. Dunno what bearing that may have on the recall or whatever... if any!... but... lucid dreams are the bomb! I totally find myself analyzing my dream and snickering about it or making mental comments to myself inside my head while I'm dreaming. Pretty cool. hehe. And yeah... weird. But \/\/! Just about everything *else* about me is weird... why not this too?]

So last night... I remember three dreams in particular and both of my parents were in every single one of them. In the first, we were going on a family road trip in my mom's van and she was driving. We're tooling along down some two-lane highway in the middle of nowhere just chatting away and apparently there had been signs saying "road ends ahead" or whatever, but neither my mom, nor myself (riding in the back), or anyone ELSE in the car noticed these signs... LOL... And the next thing I know, the road just kinda melds right into this huge body of water that is a very large LAKE! Mom's still chattering away... following the road driving *right* on into this lake and I start yelling at her "MOM! WAIT! STOP! LAKE!" hahahahaha.... Just far enough into the lake for her to realize wtf had happened she tries to turn the car around in the water and it starts to sink and the water is gurgling and bubbling up around us and stuff. haha. WEIRD!

THEN... I had this dream that I was on ANOTHER trip with my mom (wtf?) and we're driving along... Except in *this* dream I had two little sisters (around age 7 or 8) but they weren't my real sisters; they were foster children or something and they fought and picked at one another all of the time. Just the basic bickering siblings do, I guess. They were both pretty good kids underneath it all, but one was much sweeter than the other (who had a bit of a mean streak in her). Well one day (apparently this "road trip" was a multi-day trip.. rofl), the two got into a pretty nasty little spat and the less sweet of the two little girls said something about poisoning the other sister if she didn't start acting nicer to her. She was appropriately scolded for making such threats, of course... and the dream progressed onward.

Well on day ... who knows what.. of this neverending road trip (haha!), it was the day after the two had had another pretty vicious squabble for which the nastier of the two little girls had gotten into a good amount of trouble for. Well all of a sudden the sweeter of the two (they were riding side by side in the backseat while my mother was driving and i was in the passenger seat) doubles over in pain clutching her stomach. She turned a horrible shade of pale and looked sick as a dog, emitting these moans and clutching at her stomach. Immediately I remember the other girl threatening to poison her if she wasn't nicer to her and I look over at her (the meaner one) and she *seems* genuinely concerned for the one in pain and I feel horribly guilty for having even considered that the meaner one might have been responsible in any way for what was going on with the sweeter one. Weird! Somehow, inside though, I KNEW something was up but it wasn't the kind of thing you could actually voice aloud, because... what if you WERE wrong about it? That would just be horrible!!

Then we spent the next who knows how long driving around trying to find the hospital in this town we didn't know our way around (cuz we were on a roadtrip and not near home). I don't really remember anything after that. Hopefully we found the hospital and the little girl was okay and hopefully she wasn't actually poisoned by the other girl after all! ROFL

THEN! (good god my subconscious was busy last night!!) I had a dream that I was going camping with my family. Again.. my mom and dad, myself, and some boyfriend I had who was not someone I recognize having ever known. We had a boat and it was being pulled behind our car. We parked as we arrived at the entrance to the campground and my parents got out to go inside to check in. My bf and I also got out of the car and were just standing nearby chit-chatting, hanging out waiting, and out of the blue a car comes up behind the boat and doesn't stop and just rams right into it. LOL. My bf and I saw the whole thing and we were freaking out! And then the car just backed up and took off. We were shouting for them to stop and trying to get close enough to get a license tag #, but it didn't happen. And... I don't remember anything else after that.

How odd though. My parents were in all of the dreams and they all involved cars. hahaha! And we were traveling somewhere or out of town in all three of the dreams. Any dream analysis people out there ready to tackle this stuff?? ;)

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