Busy busy busy! Getting ready for our camping trip up to Northern Georgia. We leave EARLY Friday morning and are bound for..... HERE! Wheeeee! I can't wait! And I'll be taking tons of pics... Pretty leaves... and the Bavarian town of Helen, GA.

BTW people... Life is good. REAL good!

Dunno if I'll have time to write here tomorrow... my mom and dad, sister and her husband are due at my place by 8pm (yes, we are *all* going camping). Still have cleaning to do (nothing like having your MOM going through your house running her index finger over your bookshelves! haha!) and have laundry to finish, stuff to pack up, lists to check twice... all that. ;)

So... if I don't get a chance to post again before we take off on Friday morning... I'll be back late next week with pics to prove I really *wasn't* the hot, sexy blonde wrapped in saran down there at Club Kink in Ft. Lauderdale.


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