I dreamed very vividly last night of a large, beautiful, bright red bird with a striking yellow beak and yellow talons landing on Nolan's right shoulder (no idea where he and I were or what we were doing... but that didn't seem important as I actually "said" to myself inside my mind as I was dreaming this that I needed to remember to look up the meaning of birds in dreams --and particularly red ones-- once I woke up). In the dream I had my camera with me and the bird was spreading its wings somewhat in a very beautiful and amazing pose right there on Nolan's shoulder, but by the time I dropped everything I was carrying and lifted the camera to take the photo, it had closed its wings and refused to reopen them. LOL (figures!)

Right then, the girl next door left for school and her squeaky front gate woke me up. :/

Unfortunately, I'm not a "bird" person, so have no idea what KIND of bird was in my dream or even if it *was* a species of actual bird or something my subconscious simply concocted. But this is what I found on the net:

To dream of a chirping and/or flying birds, represents joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance, and love. It denotes a sunny outlook in life. You will experience spiritual freedom and psychological liberation. It is almost as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Red is an indication of raw energy, force, vigor, intense passion, aggression, power, courage and passion. The color red has deep emotional and spiritual connotations.

Red is also the color of danger, shame, sexual impulses and urges. Perhaps you need to stop and think about your actions.

The color yellow has both positive and negative connotations. If the dream is a pleasant one, then the color yellow is symbolic of intellect, energy, agility, happiness, harmony, and wisdom.

Don't have time to delve further right now.... Heading outta town for the rest of the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who may happen upon this entry... and the same to those who don't. :)


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