Well, the baby shower on Saturday was a huge success. Wheeeee! And the mother-to-be LOVED the time capsule idea. People brought some pretty fun stuff to stick in there. I was wishing someone had done something like that for me when I was a baby so I'd have something cool to open up and go through years later. Neat.

I made my first batch of home-made hummus over the weekend and MAN was it good!! It's SO MUCH CHEAPER to make it yourself than it is to buy it already prepared. Athenos makes some tasty hummus varieties, most certainly, but $2.99 for 8 oz of hummus? Funk dat chit! For the same amount of money I whipped up 6x that amount in less than ten minutes. Hell yeah! I'm making another batch tonight... this time I'm gonna add in some roasted red pepper along with the garlic I love so dearly. ;) Nummy!

Work is pretty busy today, but that's making time seem to go by faster so I'm all about that. We have some registration deadlines coming up (this Friday and again on Dec 5th) that will require a lot of data entry from me and payment processing and follow-up, etc., so things are really going to start picking up here. I have mixed feelings about that! LOL It's good to be busy enough that the days go by faster, but bad that I won't have as much time to be getting paid while i'm screwing around doing a bunch of personal shit online. haha!

Looking forward to meeting for the first time when she flies down this Wednesday. I've known her online for over a year now from playing EverQuest together and we have so much in common and have done so much talking over the past year that I feel like I've *already* met her! Should be both interesting and fun, I'm sure, and I'm really looking forward to getting to hang out in person. Wheeeeeeeee!

Because Nolan and I switch off years on who gets Jory at Christmas (and this year Jory will be with Nolan), my family will be having our "Christmas" together early. The weekend of Dec. 13-14th, to be exact. ACK! That means I have almost two weeks LESS to get my shopping done... but it also means that I'll be all done and kicking back when most of the rest of the Christmas-celebrating world are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, karate chopping people over that last spongebob doll on the shelf and all that.

I'm stuck, though, for gift ideas for some of the people on my shopping list. Ugh! And it's always the same people I get stuck on year after year! What's up with that?! I need some good "guy" gift suggestions... like for my brother-in-law and my dad. Anybody have any good gift and novelty-type websites bookmarked that you'd be willing to share with me? Good funny tshirt sites? Just... you know... COOL sites that sell... *stuff*? LOL Yes, I'm begging for ideas. hehe

Okay... enough dawdling on the ole LJ. Back to work! *mental crack of the whip*

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