I *still* haven't quite recovered from my weekend out of town. The visit on Wed night and Thurs with my parents was great, but visits home anymore always seem to end up with me spending most of my time in my mom's bedroom trying to fix her computer or install something new on it or explain to her over and over how to to do something on it. Ugh. I love my mom and I really and truly don't mind helping her with that stuff, but when I only make it down to see them 3 or 4 times a year... I'd rather be able to spend my time there actually visiting with them, ya know?

Left mom and dad's on Thursday afternoon after Tgiving dinner. **Note to self for future: Don't plan stuff that requires one to be really motivated shortly after eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner.** haha! It was REALLY hard to get my butt up off the couch and load up to head out to my sister's Peace River property for the weekend campout. But... I managed.

The campout was a lot of fun. There were about 30 people actually camping and then during the day on Friday and Saturday another 15-20 would show up for the day and leave later on, but not stay overnight. The weather was great! Almost rained, but didn't. Almost got a touch too cold on Saturday night, but not quite (course all the substances in my system likely changed my own personal perception of exactly how cold it felt! haha!) I didn't take NEAR as many pictures as I'd planned to, but did get a few good ones though I haven't yet had a chance to even nab them off of my camera yet. I also didn't make it to the bone orchard nearby that I ALWAYS say I'm going to go roam every time I go camp there (and then forget until we leave and drive past it again on the way out). Figures. :P

The ride home on Sunday was definitely the suck and I was *so* glad I wasn't the one behind the wheel. I'd had about 6.5 hours sleep since Wed and the going-home-on-Sunday-of-Thanksgiving-weekend traffic was NASTAY. That came as no surprise really... but still... having to be in it anyways was no fun at all. What is normally a 4-hour drive home took 6 hours and we were damned lucky we were heading north instead of south. At least northbound I-75 kept a pretty steady (but REALLY thick) 50mph cruise. The southbound side was barely rolling starting at the turnpike exit at Wildwood and was completely backed up all the way until we exited in Gainesville and beyond. NOT PRETTY!!

Got home just in time to speed-unload the car and jump in the shower before the season finale of Carnivale started at 9. Watched that (juicy cliffhanger for certain!... now I'll probably only have to wait a year or so for Season 2 to start *rolls eyes*). Then... I COLLAPSED!

It's been busy back at work and I went to bed early again trying to catch up on lost sleep last night. Now I've just got to get my shit together to finish up my shopping for my family's xmas celebration which is the weekend after this one. Yes... ANOTHER 4-hour drive out-of-towner. I know I must be getting old because I just don't wanna do the every-weekend-out-of-town thing anymore! No BFE this Saturday for me... *pouts* Guess I'll make it down there one of these days. Just turning out to be bad timing for me this year (and I was really wanting to go too!) If anyone is reading this who plans to be there... have double the fun so you can make up for my missing out on it! ;)

Now... I return you to your regularly scheduled activity. I have a ton of work to get done.

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