My poor little LJ is in dire need of an update! So here it is:

My weekend
It was great! The traffic and the weather were very good to us on the four-hour drive down and back from Punta Gorda, FL, where my parents live. Jory was with us and my sister and her husband were also there. We had a really great visit, some really good eats, a lot of fun gabbing and playing games, and OF COURSE... one cannot forget the whole gift exchange thing! I might be 32 years old, but I still like opening my Christmas presents, dammit! ;)

I got lots of great new books that I cannot wait to read... A super cool Led Zeppelin "song remains the same" shirt... A very, very neat hand-beaded (orange, blue and silver beads) keychain with a little silver gator dangling from the end of it (GO GATORS!)... A gift card to bath & bodyworks (woot!)... Some clothes and a new "office sweater" (it's always so damned COLD in here!)... some other miscellaneous stuff.... and my favorite prezzie of all which was a portable mp3 player and a wireless audio adapter so I can beam the stuff onto the home/car stereo, etc. Wheeeee! It's so teeny tiny and I LOVE it! (Sometimes good things really DO come in small packages!).

Jory got some cool things like a remote control airplane, a digital camera of his own (he's always been REALLY into picture taking and is already creating some really hilarious photos and movie shorts with it. I'll have to post some of them here.), an electronic battleship game (remember those?! haha! I LOVED mine as a kid), some of the fancy schmancy spandex cycling shorts and shirt, and other assorted things. Basically, he made out like a bandit. As usual. That's what happens when you're the only grandchild for BOTH sets of your grandparents. *snicker*

This Week
Just finalizing things at work and then TWO WEEKS vacation! w00t! I am REALLY looking forward to it. Things are wrapping up pretty nicely here at work and I should have things pretty well in order and organized to leave in wait for my sorrowful return on January 5th. *snicker*

I'll be on vacation as soon as I can leave this coming Friday, until 8am on Monday, January 5th. Jory will be with his father (and that side of the family) the entire time as Nolan and I trade off every other year on who gets him for the holidays (hence, why MY family celebrated our xmas so damned early this time). Most of my first week off will be spent simply RELAXING and very likely doing the daily "wake and bake" accompanied by Bloody Mary. hahaha!

Then we'll be heading off into the wild blue yonder to go camping for the next 8 days. Two nights on the beach in Destin, FL followed by five nights in New Orleans, followed by another stop-over night in Chipley, FL on our drive back to Gainesville. I can't wait! New Years in New Orleans. I have sooooooooo many things I want to see and do and have been hitting all my N.O. friends up for suggestions on specific restaurants and points of interest. As long as I've lived in Gville (only 10hrs from N.O.), I've never done more than drive through the city and that's it. This is going to be a real treat for me and something I've been wanting to do for a very long time. YAY!

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