What a great weekend!

I not only got everything done that I'd promised myself I would do (a feat in itself!), but I actually had time to just "hang out" some with friends and also watch a couple of movies with Mike.

Saturday I truly busted my ass and did almost all of my shopping and now only have two more stops to make with very specific purchases in mind, which should make the experience a piece of cake (*crossing fingers*).

Sunday I made some kickass breakfast burritos and drank half a pot of coffee with whipped cream dolloped on top. YUM! I watched "I Am Sam" (Sean Penn/Dakota Fanning) and "Drumline" (both were okay... nothing to really write home about. S. Penn did a decent bit of acting in "I Am Sam" but he blew me away in Mystic River (which if you have not yet seen, you are *really* doing yourself an injustice!), then took a little nap and ran out to do another couple hours of shopping.

I got home in time to have dinner and sit down to watch HBO's film "Angels in America", which is an adaptation of a Pulitzer and two-time Tony Prize winning play, starring Al Pacino and Meryl Streep (two of my favorite actors!). What a weird show that was! The second half of it comes on this Sunday night... but the first half alone was pretty funky. I can certainly see the home it must've made for itself on the stage, but I'm not so sure about the movie adaptation. It's just... different. It also has that chick from West Wing that I really like (Mary-Louise Parker).

Anyways... I'll definitely tune in for its conclusion but wow... what bleak subject matter to be showing just a couple of weeks before Christmas! Don't they say depression/suicide rates already do something like quadringle during these couple of months of the year? LOL Anyone else out there watch this?

The only blah thing from my weekend is that I'd hoped to make it out to the BFE party in Orlando and just couldn't make it. Wah! I hear it was a really great time and man how I *hate* missing a good party!!! *stomps feet*

So.... I'm back at work. Another day, another dollar, eh? Have a million and twelve things to do this week and still going to try to leave at least a couple hours early (if possible!) on Friday to make the 4-hour trek down to my parents for our weekend holiday celebration. I know the visit will be enjoyable, and making the trip this weekend instead of the weekend of the actual xmas holiday ought to be helpful as well, but I still despise that drive!!

I'll check in again later... Right now I need to get some shit done here. Blah! ;)

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