Last night I dreamt I was in the middle of chatting with online and alla sudden my computer started doing some VERY wonky stuff. Weird windows were popping up all over, the entire look of my desktop changed and I couldn't control any of it. I kept thinking to myself... "I JUST ran a virus scan not an hour ago!" and I had.

But it was very obviously a virus or worm of some sort.

I kept trying to close down windows and more kept frantically popping back open (you know... the typical porn surfing nightmare.. i know you people know what I mean... haha!).

All I wanted to do was to be able to get icq to work long enough for me to send a msg to so that he'd know what was going on and why i was suddenly about to disappear, but the stupid computer wouldn't let me click on icq. I don't really remember anything more than that... just that all attempts to make further contact with him were futile. *snicker*

It was an interesting dream. And a frustrating one.

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