This be SOUP weather! Can I get a witness?

Formal Dining Must Dos (Eating Soup)

Soup, usually the first course, shows you off as a savvy diner or someone whose
manners could do with polishing! Soup is served either in a wide, shallow dish,
or a smaller bowl, resting on an under-plate.

• Spoon the soup away from you, towards the center of the bowl.

• Sip from the side of the spoon. Never put the whole spoon in your mouth or slurp.
Noisy eating is better placed in the farmyard, rather than the dining table!

• Tip the bowl away from you and spoon the soup across the bowl to get at the last bits.

• After finishing the soup, place the spoon in the under-plate, or in the soup plate at
a 10:20 position.


From what I read, slurping one's soup is quite acceptable in China, however. ;)


John Belush -- R.I.P.
Deathbed Soup Tales


I'm off to eat some soup!

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