I want to strangle my boss.

Actually something slower and more painful might be preferable.


I feel completely disorganized, unmotivated, and up to my EARS with things to get done. I'm not sure wtf is up with that, but I vow to get it all together by this weekend. I just cannot go another week with so many loose ends. It's so... UN-Virgo! (And besides all that, my family is celebrating their holiday the weekend after this one, so this weekend is my very last chance to get everything done. Way to procrastinate, Rhonda! Woohoo!)

Things to get done:

-- finish my christmas shopping for main family gathering
-- wrap all that stuff
-- help mom plan the menu/figure out what i'm going to make/get the stuff to make it
-- finish christmas shopping for everyone *else* on my list
-- deliver nolan's bday/xmas prezzies to him
-- get from nolan (and deliver) the tapes he converted for John's friend
-- shop around on cell phone plans and upgrade mine, along with phone
-- get Jory some new jeans and a new heavy jacket (he's outgrown almost everything "winter")
-- bring Jory's old clothes/toys in to work to give away to the women here with grandchildren
-- make a decision on my vacation and New Year's plans and do reservations, etc.

Less urgent:
-- put closet door back on in J's bedroom
-- mail J's 2nd grade school pics out to family
-- finish scanning my stash of rave flyers
-- finish updating my RPG's webpage (narrative and October thread of the month)
-- install calendar on the RPG webpage
-- find pics/drawings to use for 3 of my characters in the RPG and tweak the bios that I wanted to rewrite
-- get marc started with an intro thread in the game

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